College Students

 *Actual student not shown - this young man does not attend UT, but maybe one day!

*Actual student not shown - this young man does not attend UT, but maybe one day!

Who said college students won’t need to borrow money?!

Although the days of credit card companies pushing students to sign up for credit cards resulting in students accumulating excessive debt is mostly over, “subsidized student loans”, “unsubsidized loans”, “auto financing”, etc. is still adding more stress on our demanding academics.

As a first-generation immigrant college student, I was forced to have to learn to budget my expense, yet recently I just signed up for an upper division neuroscience lab course, and the lab material requirements came out of the blue. Let me tell you, THEY ARE EXPENSIVE! Although the University of Texas offers short-term emergency loans, the interest rate is not sustainable for me. It is absolutely absurd that I have to pick up more debt to finance the already debt I have!  The loan officer thankfully had a new option and told me to check out a platform named MiraLend. He said it may help for students like me who are heavily involved with the community and the medicine volunteering community.




I am an entrepreneur that recently graduated from Harvard with two degrees.  And no, student loans aren't the problem (OK, they are part of the problem).  I had a successful career working for Fortune 500 companies, but when I wanted to start my own company, one2rule, I faced a very difficult decision: do I try to launch my company by working nights and weekends, or do I go all-in and quit my "day job" to make my business a success as fast as possible?  I chose the latter!  But now that I'm bootstrapping my company and don't have a regular paycheck, I worry that an unexpected personal bill or a big expense for One2Rule will drain my savings and force me to seek a loan to make ends meet.  Thankfully, if that happens, at least I know MiraLend is there to give me a new borrowing option.